The Car’s The Star

This is Ben’s car:


Image 1  Image 2  Image 3


This is how it looked when he purchased it in 2006:

Image 4  Image 5  Image 6
It’s a Gwiz electric car which provides no emission!

When Ben did his documentary about the art market in 2008/9, he thought it was time for a change. In order to blend in with the art world, he persuaded the German artist Tobias Rehberger to transform his car. Tobias likes to experiment at the borderline between art and design and he was happy to collaborate.

First, he asked Ben to alter the shapes of the car. Ben found a garage with artistically-minded mechanics and they added some swellings here and there:

Image 7  Image 8  Image 9

Image 10  Image 12  Image 13


Then Tobias came over to London and met Ben at the garage.
They put on their overalls …

Image 14
Mic check:

Image 15

One last ciggy before it all starts …..

Image 17


The car’s already waiting behind those doors:

Image 18  Image 19  Image 20


The time has come – they enter …  CAMERA ON!

Image 21  Image 22


Tobias starts off …

Image 23  Image 24  Image 25
Image 26  Image 28  Image 29
Image 30  Image 31  Image 32
Image 33  Image 34  Image 35
A few last adjustments:

Image 36  Image 37



And the car is ready to go …   a real Rehberger!

Image 38  Image 39  Image 40
Image 41  Image 42  Image 44
Image 1  Image 45  Image 46